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2017 Make Your Station Safe Again Wall
2017 Make Your Station Safe Again Trade Show

Jo Anne KennedyAnd when we say "OUR SHOW", we do mean YOURS and ours because we wouldn't have it Binaco Martiniswithout you, PERIOD!

YOU are THE reason it is not only successful but why we have more vendors than space that want to be part of our show. Vendor after vendor stated there is no other show they go to where they have the opportunity to speak with not just owners, administrators and end users but the volume of installers and technicians who actually work hands-on with their products!

We welcome any feedback you would like to provide about all aspects of the show. Again, you can send any feedback to

We mailed out more than twice as many pre-registered badges for the 2017 show than we did in 2015, had nearly as many people register online as attended the 2015 show and only a handful who had badges mailed to them came to the booth for their duplicate. We can't stress enough how thankful we are that you have worked with us over the years to make the show better as we have tweaked the process where not only have we both come to expect it but you have expressed gratitude that we have taken these steps to make attending the Kennedy show a welcomed break to your daily grind, giving you the opportunity to speak with hundreds of others in our industry, gain more knowledge, become (re)certified in systems and enjoy the day!

If you had people attending seminars for certifications, an email has been sent to all those who registered through the website that shows seminar attendance for all those from your organization you registered using that email address. Please report any discrepancies immediately to as the vendors use the list we provide them to issue their certifications. Bianco Martinis



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